Optical Finesse develops winning opto-electronic solutions for industrial control, measurement and imaging applications, offering both design and manufacturing services, along with personalized customer support.

[New!] Our new & improved Rev. E µLIA-320 dual-phase USB lock-in amplifiers are now available!

Our company was founded in 2003 by a team of photonics and polarization industry experts committed to providing premier application-specific designs that are economical, user-friendly, and 100% reliable. We specialize in applications that intersect optical polarization, mechanical design, electronics, and embedded software.

[uLIA-320 development] [PGA assembly drawing detail] [OEM LCC-230]
[ARM USB code] [uLIA-320 phase lock at 25 kHz] [Polarized absorption]
[LC controller/panel burn-in] [Bessel functions J0 and J1] [In the box and ready to ship]

At all levels of our process--from design to placing the product in the box--Optical Finesse strives to "get it right".

Optical Finesse is a privately held company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, a leading photonics and R&D hub, and a beautiful place to conduct business.

[Hessie, 9 Sep 2016]
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